Woven Stretch Elastic Band

HL Elastic is a professional woven stretch elastic band manufacturer, supplier from China, our woven elastic band made with soft polyester , nylon, cotton and free latex. Its structure is thick and durable with high elasticity, skin-friendly, can quickly rebound after stretching with out deformation.

By the very nature of its construction,woven elastic is a high-strength material that bands and moves with everyday use, but will not narrow when stretched.

Thickened woven elastic has twice as much material as normal woven elastic. Woven elastic is the best choice so far, when stretching is important. That extra materials – either polyester or cotton woven elastic – also be transformed into greater strength and durability. Woven elastic band is so strong that it can be used in “heavy” applications such as car covering, home decoration and strapping, sports fitness training like yoga hip ring belts and resistance band.