Wide Breathable Elastic

HL Elastic is a professional wide breathable elastic fabric manufacturer, supplier from China, we offer wide breathable elastic with high quality and high performance with size from 2 inches to 12 inches, suitable for fashion belts, medical usage and more. If you are looking for reliable wide breathable elastic supplier in China, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] .

What Is Wide Breathable Elastic

The breathable elastic is made with high quality nylon polyester cotton and spandex with increased softness,comfort and breathability by employing air- mesh paneling. It usually used in the apparel market as fashion belts and in the medical field for many different applications with the most popular as support elastic either for the waist, back, lumbar, maternity, belly support and uriel support belt. Almost all the wide elastic we produce for the medical field is latex-free, this ensures the elsatic webbing is skin-friendly and comfortable. Wide elastic is considered to be 2” up to 12”.