How To Choose Reliable Woven Elastic Manufacturers

Woven Elastic Manufacturers

For military, heavy duty, sporting, medical and apparel manufacturing, woven elastic is a premium, most durable choice and has a wide range of applications.  It won’t scratch when it wears and narrow over time.  This makes it durable and reliable without sacrificing durability.  Amanda Textile Co., is one of the most professional heavy duty woven elastic manufacturers, provide with a wide range of woven elastic options to meet customer’s needs.  For example,


Cotton woven elastic

Cotton Woven Elastic is a kind of high-quality flat elastic. It made with cotton and latex with a fine, smooth, soft and durable feature. The delicacy of cotton yarn and the elasticity of rubber match to produce a kind of high-quality and strong cotton woven elastic. This cotton woven elastic can be widely used in sports Yoga extension belt and resistance belt, as well as applications requiring heavy cotton woven elasticity.


Polyester Woven Elastic

Polyester woven elasticity is also very durable. Elasticity and durability are essential in a variety of applications. In particular, the polyester woven elastic produced by Amanda Textile Co., is more thicker and elasticity. It is not as easy to be absorbed as cotton woven elastic elasticity, but also less expensive and more shiny, But is still every cost-effective in most applications without sacrificing quality. It’s the best choice for the stretching and resistance belt of sport yoga training with its diverse colors ands trong elesticity.


Customization options from your woven elastic manufacturers:

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the elastic webbing industry, we have developed into one of the most professional and popular manufacturers of woven elastic, because we are able to customize quantity, bulk order of woven elastic in batches according to the needs of the customers. The elastic width of our woven elastic ranges from 3 / 4 inch to 12 inch with also include tensile ratios of 40% to 115% for option as well as all customize colors dyeing .

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