What is woven elastic,knit elastic-types,materials and advantages and disadvantages of elastic band

What is woven elastic,knit elastic-types,materials and advantages and disadvantages of elastic band


There are various types of elastic webbing, which are widely used in clothing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, quartermaster, transportation, sport, medical and other industrial departments.

Elastic band are usually made of polyester, cotton,nylon, latex or spandex.It’s softness,smooth and skin friendly compared to plastic elastic.


Types of elastic band available on the market.

So what are the characteristics of different types of elastic band ? HL-ELASTIC will tell you the characters of the different types elastic band in the market:


According to the knitting method, it can be divided into weaving, knitting and knitting.

1、 Woven Elastic (weaving elastic)

Weaving (shuttle weaving) is the interweaving of warp and weft. The yarn will be warped into a bobbin (this process we called it “pan head ”) after twisting, and the weft is shaken into a winding, then weaving on the machine. Due to the small width of the woven elastic, there are different weaving methods include ranging from single line, double lines and dozens of lines as well as single layer to double layer.


2、 Braid Elastic

Also known as spindle weaving elastic, the warp is weaving around the rubber wire through the spindle according to the “8” shaped track. The braid elastic surface is herringbone shape with a generally 0.3 ~ 2 cm width. It’s texture is between woven elastic and knitted elastic. Its variety is relatively simple, mostly used for garb. The braid elastic tend to use non-toxic and harmful TPU as raw materials. In addition, high elastic additives are able to added to enhance its elasticity.


3、 Knitting Elastic

It is weaving by warp knitting and weft lining method. Under the persuasion of the hook needle or tongue needle, the warp thread is sleeved into a knitting chain, the weft thread is lined in each knitting chain to connect the discrete knitting chains into a belt, and the rubber wire is covered by the knitting chain or clamped by two groups of weft threads. Knitted elastic can be weaved all kinds of mini stripes, color bar and scallop. The texture is loose and soft. It main made with high stretch nylon and spandex, widely used for women bras and underwear.


According to the materials, it is divided into cotton fiber and hemp fiber, nylon and polyester, acrylic fiber and polypropylene fiber, vinylon and chlorine fiber, spandex and fluorine fiber.

1、 Cotton fiber and hemp fiber

Both cotton fiber and hemp fiber burn immediately near the flame, burning rapidly, with yellow flame and blue smoke.

The difference between the cotton fiber and hemp fiber is the smell of burning and the ash after burning. Cotton burning gives off the smell of paper and hemp burning gives off the smell of plant ash; After burning, cotton has little powder ash, which is black or gray, while hemp produces a small amount of gray white powder ash.


2、 Nylon and polyester

The scientific name of nylon is polyamide fiber. It shrinks rapidly near the flame and melts into white colloid. It melts and burns in the flame, drops and bubbles. There is no flame during combustion, so it is difficult to continue combustion without leaving the flame, emitting celery flavor. After cooling, the light brown melt is not easy to grind.

The scientific name of polyester fiber is polyester fiber, which is easy to ignite. It melts and shrinks near the flame. When burning, it emits black smoke while melting. It is yellow flame and emits aromatic smell. The ash after burning is black brown hard block, which can be broken by fingers.


3、 Acrylic and polypropylene (PP)

The scientific name of acrylic fiber is polyacrylonitrile fiber. It softens and shrinks while near the fire. After fired, it emits black smoke and the flame is white. After leaving the flame, it burns rapidly and emits the bitter smell of burning meat. The ashes after burning are irregular black hard blocks, which are fragile by hand.

The scientific name of polypropylene is polypropylene fiber. It melts and shrinks while near the flame. Very easy to flammable. It burns slowly from the fire and emits black smoke after leave the flame. The upper of the flame is yellow and the lower is blue, emitting oil smell. The ash after burning is hard round light yellowish brown particles, which are fragile by hand.


4、 Vinylon and nylon

The scientific name of vinylon is polyvinyl formal fiber. It is not easy to ignite. It melts and shrinks while near flame. There is a little flame at the top during combustion.Flame becomes larger when the fibers are melted into colloidal shape with thick black smoke and emits bitter smell. After combustion, there are small black bead particles left, which can be crushed by fingers.

The scientific name of chloroprene fiber is polyvinyl chloride fiber. It is difficult to burn and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is yellow, with green and white smoke at the lower end. It emits pungent, pungent and sour taste. After burning, the ash is black brown, irregular hard blocks, and the fingers are not easy to twist.


5、 Spandex and fluorine fiber

The scientific name of spandex is polyurethane fiber. It melts and burns near the fire. The flame is blue while it burning and keep in melt and burning after leaving the fire with a special pungent odor. After burning, the ash is soft and fluffy black.

The scientific name of fluorine fiber is polytetrafluoroethylene fiber. ISO organization calls it fluorite fiber. It only melts near the flame, which is difficult to ignite and does not burn. The edge flame is blue-green carbonized, melted and decomposed, and the gas is toxic.

How To Choose Reliable Woven Elastic Manufacturers

Woven Elastic Manufacturers

For military, heavy duty, sporting, medical and apparel manufacturing, woven elastic is a premium, most durable choice and has a wide range of applications.  It won’t scratch when it wears and narrow over time.  This makes it durable and reliable without sacrificing durability.  Amanda Textile Co., is one of the most professional heavy duty woven elastic manufacturers, provide with a wide range of woven elastic options to meet customer’s needs.  For example,


Cotton woven elastic

Cotton Woven Elastic is a kind of high-quality flat elastic. It made with cotton and latex with a fine, smooth, soft and durable feature. The delicacy of cotton yarn and the elasticity of rubber match to produce a kind of high-quality and strong cotton woven elastic. This cotton woven elastic can be widely used in sports Yoga extension belt and resistance belt, as well as applications requiring heavy cotton woven elasticity.


Polyester Woven Elastic

Polyester woven elasticity is also very durable. Elasticity and durability are essential in a variety of applications. In particular, the polyester woven elastic produced by Amanda Textile Co., is more thicker and elasticity. It is not as easy to be absorbed as cotton woven elastic elasticity, but also less expensive and more shiny, But is still every cost-effective in most applications without sacrificing quality. It’s the best choice for the stretching and resistance belt of sport yoga training with its diverse colors ands trong elesticity.


Customization options from your woven elastic manufacturers:

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the elastic webbing industry, we have developed into one of the most professional and popular manufacturers of woven elastic, because we are able to customize quantity, bulk order of woven elastic in batches according to the needs of the customers. The elastic width of our woven elastic ranges from 3 / 4 inch to 12 inch with also include tensile ratios of 40% to 115% for option as well as all customize colors dyeing .

How To Find Reliable Knitted Elastic Manufacturers

Knitted Elastic Manufacturers

Knitting produces an elastic which is generally lightweight and inexpensive. Fashion apparel, sports apparel and medical apparel manufacturers need bulk knitted elastic because it can be produced quickly, in large quantities, at affordable prices. HL-Elastic is one of professional manufacturer engaged in knitted elastic manufacturers, providing domestically-produced, custom, bulk orders of knitted elastic in various widths for apparel and medical manufacturing.


Benefits of Flat Knitted Elastic Band for Apparel Manufacturers

HL-Elastic has a wide variety of knitted elastic webbing, which we provide in many different colors, patterns, textures and width to meet all of your needs. If you are an apparel manufacturer looking for the right knitted elastic manufacturers to supply your project, keep the following factors in mind:


It’s dependable—Knitted elastic does not require as much rubber or fabric as woven or weaving elastic. It does not narrow when stretched and is not affected by needle piercing, making it as suitable for direct fabric application as it is for casings.

It’s versatile—Our knitted elastic is great for medical clothing manufacturing. We are one of the most professional knitted elastic manufacturers that produce the latex-free knitted elastic necessary to reduce allergic reactions in medical settings. Sizes rang from 1/4 inch to 12 inches, the various sizes ensure that it can meet different medical products appllication, and our knitted elastic is made of either polyester or nylon and spandex, which makes it durable and extremely cost effective as well.

 It’s customizable—We provide apparel and medical manufacturers with bulk knitted elastic in several widths that come in the most-used, standard colors: natural white, optical white, black, beige. We can also custom dye knitted elastic tape to your color specifications. Widths vary from the smallest at 1/4 inch to the widest at 14 inches, with 17 different widths in between.


A note on stretch from your knitted elastic manufacturers:

In addition to the choice you have with our bulk knitted elastic coming in different colors and widths, you can also choose the stretch level. For example, our 1-inch, 85% knitted elastic is good for many medical and orthopedic needs. The narrow, heavy-duty ¼-inch knitted elastic bands have a long stretch that stays flat and is good for children’s clothing, leisurewear and sheets.

Wide Breathable Elastic Suppliers: 3 Things You Need to Know

Wide Breathable Elastic Suppliers: 3 Things You Need to Know


Jiangyin HL Elastic Co., is one of China’s professional wide breathable elastic supplier, serving specialty sport and medical manufacturers in a wide variety of fields. If you have any inquiry on order of wide breathable elastic for medical manufacturing projects, we have many options to meet your order specifications.

  1. Breathable Elastic Band Widths

We produce and sell breathable elastic band from 2 inches to 12 inches, with many measurements in between. Such a wide variety of standard widths can be used in sport and medical manufacturing, belly,lunbar, sknee, back and arm support belts and many other applications.


  1. Breathable Elastic Band Colors

All of these standard widths can be ordered in direct nude/skin, black, nautral and white. And we have an advantage is can also custom-dye any of our breathable elastic band selections for large orders to coordinate with the color of orthopedic products that you’re manufacturing.


  1. Breathable Elastic Band styles and Texsiles Strengths

The breathable elastic band is a softess,comfort and breathability by employing air-mesh paneling material that works in medical field manufacturing.

Breathable elastic band is also a “green” manufacturing choice that is popular with medical manufacturers. The maximum width can be up to 30cm, which greatly improves the range of use. The comfortable, soft and skin-friendly fabric can directly affect the skin without worrying about any allergic reaction. It’s the best use of elastic band in medical rehabilitation products.

The best way to determine which width,color and strengthing you need is to call the breathable elastic band suppliers and discuss your needs. You can send us email [email protected] or call +86 159 5010 9493 for a custom quote here on Elastic Band and Webbing.